10 Local Listing Sites: Take Local Marketing Advantages

It is a technology driven world and customer are becoming savvy with that. If you want to grow your local business with digital marketing, the first step is to get found by new customers on the web. To get that job done quickly, you must get your business listed in all major online business directories and local listing sites.

There are plenty of free directories and local listing sites available on the internet, where you can create your business profile. Basically, the web has become a goldmine of free advertising and exposure for small and local business owners, thanks to these dozens of business listing sites. Remember: the more you choose on business listings, the greater your online footprint and the easier it is for customers to find your business and spend money with you.

Benefit : Cost effective local marketing

  • It makes your business visible as much as possible,
  • It increases the reach of your business profile in local queries on the multiple search engines,
  • It massively drives your local SEO,
  • If created with same business information, it boosts up your business credibility,
  • It makes your business known locally,
  • It allows you to share the information about your business such as business hours, contact details, address, product / service details,
  • It drives your company reputation when your business ratings are high.

Things required to get listed on local listing sites:

Creating a business profile is not just enough, you need to check many other areas while creating profile. This will secure your business presence in search results that just listing your business in those directories. It will generate the widest possible reach for mobile and local internet searches. To start with profile creation, you need business or company name, valid phone number, physical address with pin code, and landmark. But that is not enough. You also need to mention categories of your business, description about your business with product or services, business tagline, and images.

Categories: The category segment displays the services and commodities the organization deals with. This component makes your listing more appropriate to your end users.

Description: This segment deals with a briefing about the products and services, which the business offers. The description segment mainly contains a short brief about the company. Often, links can be incorporated.

Tagline: Every business listing sites in India mandatorily contains this segment. This segment is mainly used to place the keywords. It facilitates in ranking the keywords and helps to increase the rank in online searches.

Images: The primary purpose of this segment is to upload the logo of the brand. The logo itself is the mode of visual communication and critical component for brand recognition.

Hence, with all the details, your company gets a complete and comprehensive reach and visibility to a lot of end users. In recent times, these business listing sites in India became a centre of attraction for many businesses to get connected with their target consumers.

Checklist for when you do get listed:

There is more to securing your presence in search results than just listing your business in these directories. Follow the checklist below to make sure that your listings work for you and generate the widest possible reach for mobile and local internet searches.

Ensure your info is consistent. Check to confirm that your business’s name, address and phone number are the same on every listing.
Add a detailed company description. Let your company shine with a great description. You should highlight your company’s history and product or service offering.
Include a link to your website. One of the greatest strengths of your local online profiles is the link to your business’s site. This has the potential to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. Local listings are mostly used in mobile searches, so be sure your website is mobile-friendly, or you could lose visitors fast.
Claim the listing. Some local search engines allow a user to claim their profile through a short verification process. Claiming your profile can increase its reach immensely.
Include secondary business information. Over 30% of local searches are for the phone number, address or hours of operation of a business. Be sure to include items like your hours of operation, menu or calendar of events on your local profiles.
Add pictures and videos. Visual media items like photos and videos have a much higher conversion rate than standard text. Be sure to upload images and videos to your profiles.
Gather customer reviews. Reviews send signals of confidence to search engines and mark engagement from customers. You should always encourage customers to leave reviews of your business and respond to those reviews.

If you’re looking to get noticed by a wider audience or reach members of your local community, a great (and free) place to start is online business directories. The 48 sites listed above give you an effective, no-cost way to improve your chances of being found by your audience online.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Bing Places
  3. FourSquare
  4. TradeIndia
  5. Craiglist
  6. Biz.prlog
  7. IndiaMart
  8. Justdial
  9. NCRCities
  10. LocalFrog

You have claimed your profile… now what’s next?

Once you have claimed your local business listing on as many free business listing sites as possible, what is next? First, make sure you add as much information about your business as possible to each profile you have claimed. The more “alive” your listing looks, the more inviting your business becomes to curious customers. For sites that include reviews, make sure you reply to every review your business gets.

Recent research says that businesses that regularly respond to their prospects online, and reply and acknowledge to the reviews maid by customers and prospects, earn up to 49% more revenue. That is why it is highly recommended that you should view and reply to reviews on various business listing sites. This helps you makes it far easier for you to stay on top of your latest reviews.

If you still worry to start all these together, you can take help of us. We as a specialized digital marketing agency for local brand, can manage your online business reputation along with local SEO and marketing activities effectively. In that can you don’t need to manage all your listings in one place without having to jump from one site to another. It will save your time and energy.